Thursday, November 30, 2006

Ever notice how this time of year sneaks up on you?

So I totally think I am on the ball with things...I am paying things on time, doing what I am supposed to be doing and then I feel like all I do is for craziness because my terrible habits catch up to me...I HAVE TO START SAVING MONEY INSTEAD OF SPENDING IT...I have to start becoming frugal. That is my goal for this year. That is one of two New Years resolutions...the other, to work on my relationship with Christ...He is my rock, I just have to figure out how to lean on Him...not myself.
I'm sitting here relaxing, watching television tonight...should be doing a million other things...but I'm not, ha! Church tonight was really kind of interesting...I'm starting to attend the High School service on Wednesday night, to be an adult presence in the room with a bunch of other was amazing! The praise was unbelievable...I was just goosebumpy listening to the kids just lift their voices to God. It was beautiful. Then...I ended up teaching my girl's class. Wow, nothing like being thrown into a class full of crazy kids with NOTHING...I had lent my Bible to my daughter and didn't have anything to look at to even pick I decided to flip through a random book and decided to teach them about Isaiah the prophet and the time he was told about the coming Messiah. Have you ever thought about it? How amazing is it that Isaiah was told about Jesus before Mary was even born? How can you deny that Christ is the Messiah? Seriously? I guess I've always thought people were strange that deny that Christ is the Messiah...I know some religons believe the Messiah has not come yet...some believe He was just a prophet...WOW. How strange to believe this? I think it is so amazing...Mary, not born, Jesus, not conceived, and Isaiah was told they were coming. WOWOWOW... So that is what I did I am just trying to stay awake to see Jesse when he gets home...he's so good to us. He came to Church tonight for a few minutes and got to walk us out to the car and then headed back to work. I love him...