Monday, July 16, 2007

Ok...I'm not so good at this

I was doing pretty well with no television last night...until about 1am...when I COULDN"T GO TO SLEEP! So I put a dvd into my computer and promptly fell asleep...I'm pathetic...

We did really well today until lunchtime...when we put in Dora. This is CONSIDERABLY better than before but still, what is my problem? I am starting back to exercising tomorrow morning...maybe that will help a little? UGH!


Crystal said...

OOH Tamara--I have missed you!!!!!!!!!! I am so sorry these past few months have been crazy trying to get everything ready for another adoption!!! and trying to make sure these two are having fun!!! I always love your posts and I can relate soo well to them!!! I will be back!! Thank you for your comment on my blog we are sooo sooo excited!!!!!!!!!

You are supermom I am telling you --I am going to need your advice Sophie and our little boy will be nine and half months apart --my hubby was laughing and saying well we always wanted twins--yikes!!! How do you do it girlie?!!!!!!!!!!!! :O)

Jen said...