Saturday, January 19, 2008


Title: Hope Was Here

Author: Joan Bauer

Primary Audience/Age Group: 13-16

Genre: Drama

Number of Pages: 186

Year of Release: 2000

Part of a Series: No

Newberry Award: Honor Book

Recommendation: 3/4

Description: Hope is a 16 year old girl who lives with her aunt. She and her aunt move from New York to Wisconsin to run a diner in a small town. Hope learns to accomplish goals, make friends and be happy with who she is.

Review: This book was really interesting for me. I did find it to be above the 5.1 Accelerated Reading Level it was geared for by the author. The content is hard to deal with as an 11 year old and I would not allow my 11 year old to read it. Hope is left by her mother because she was not "ready to parent" and this subject is difficult for me to purposely share with my child at a young age. I would recommend this book to a slightly older audience.

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