Saturday, June 16, 2007

Messing around online

Tonight, I am being the kids to bed (albeit a little later than usual) and decided to watch a movie with the, watching a movie with me is a little different than with most people, I cannot watch a movie and do nothing else (you would think I would ALWAYS have all of my clothes folded, eh)? Tonight is no different, I am playing on the computer while watching the movie.

I love to read Shannon's Works for Me Wednesday posts. They are the most fun to go through and I have gotten a gazillion great ideas from her linky people. The latest post I just read was to fully rely on God. How incredible! After just discussing my "feelings" in my last seems God really does look out for me ;).

I am determined to make a point to keep my MIND, SOUL, HEART, STRENGTH on God. He is my Deliverer. Thanks Shannon for the great idea of WFMW!!!

On a completely different note...we went to a birthday party today at Flicka's house, a pool party. It was a blast!!! The kids raced their battery powered cars (Lightening McQueen was the theme) and then ate a DELECTIBLE cake (Flicka makes the BEST cake and icing)...then the kids got to play in the pool. After a while, I got out of the pool and wasn't paying much attention to what was going on in the pool (hubby was still in there with the kids)...and didn't hear youngest girl calling for me and then when I did hear her, I didn't respond very quickly (you would think I had learned my lesson at the frozen yogurt store...which might be another story for another time)...and she proceeded to clear the pool in the worst way. I am thoroughly embarrassed (yes, I know it could have happened to ANYONE's child...BUT IT WAS MINE!)...and now I am regreting not pulling her out quickly so I could get her to the restroom in a timely manner...or at LEAST OUT OF THE POOL...So there you go...Flicka's SIL didn't know what had happened and quickly noted the time (party over time) and said "WOW, you people must really make a big deal out of the 4 o'clock thing". Ha! I am still a little (trying not to be a lot) upset and trying to work through's back to swim diapers for the squirt.

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