Thursday, May 3, 2007

First Observation Day

I had my first observation day at school was today. I am LOVING the observation. It is amazing to watch these kids, the interaction with the is truly awesome!

That being said, I HATED being away from the kids...MY Blessings from my Heavenly Father. just makes our previous decision for me to stay home until the kids are in school CEMENTED! It is my calling to first stay home and be a mommy. It is a secondary calling to teach other families children. This is something I will do with pleasure...and I will learn how to do it while my babies are only away from me a little bit. No, this does not mean I am quitting just means I am not going to try to finish before they are in school. They need me. I can't get this back. I am going to ONLY take classes if I can get them on Tuesday's and Thursdays. If that doesn't happen, I put it off until the next semester! I can do this!!! :)

On another note, Heather is out of surgery but has not come out of anesthesia. She is moving her arms and legs PRAISE GOD!! Jump on over and post her a note!!

And again, changing gears, our dog, Jack, has decided it is time to jump on the trampoline. I will post pictures this weekend but WOW is that funny!!! :) He also got into the pond...just for a drink, he did not eat the fish! :) Now...Ida B...she is the perfect little trampoline and no pond...did I mention they are male and female...I believe a spaying and neutering are in our NEAR future! Anyone played the lottery recently????


Maris said...

Jack? What is Jack? I was just over there like last week- did you get another dog?!?!? Tamara you have to email me when big things like this happen in your life!! I had no idea:) I am coming over soon. What kind of dog?

MotoMom said...

Good for you putting you kids first. I stayed home until they were in school also, definintly worth the sacrifice. Thanks for stopping by, things are working out, and I know God is in control. I tagged you for a fun little meme if you have the time.