Sunday, May 6, 2007


So a funny thing to say would be "Can't live with em, can't live without 'em..." but that is not where I was going :)

I have been GRIPEY at my husband. Annoyed with the way he does X annoyed with the way he does Y...just basically annoyed...and of course, in my world, when you are annoyed, you nag. Isn't that what you are supposed to do, uh, DUH PROVERBS 31 LADY!!!!, I am visiting with Flicka and her children are playing with my children and all is well in our little world after I have driven my husband insane with nagging. All of a sudden, I glance up and hear this weed-eater noise...behind FLICKA"S house! My husband (remember, I have nagged all day about various things...this not being one of them) weed eating Flicka's backyard. WOW! I didn't ask him to do it, Flicka would NEVER ask him to do it...and yet, my husband saw a need and filled it.

Why am I saying this? Because I have decided I need to work on ME...and let him BE! He is a great husband and loves us all very much. He loves his, our friends and our families. I need to be thankful and just leave the other things to God. I need to remove the speck before I complain about the plank!!!!!!


Gayle said...

Oh Puke! I really HATE this post! After a weekend of monumental arguments and whining, I guess I needed to hear this...but I still really hate it!

Good stuff,


Heather said...

that's great that you can see that you need to let him be him. So many times we as wives want to change our husbands. We can't and we're not supposed to. We can pray for them but if they need to change that's between them and God. Besides, the more we nag and complain the more they shut us out. I'm speaking from experience. With all that's easier said than done. I always catch myself right after I nag or complain and then I appologize. Just something we as wives need to work on and pray about. Good for you though and I hope you continue to let him be him!

Robin said...

I'm pretty sure we all go through that. I have days when I just pray that God will make me sensitive to my husband instead of feeling like killing him. (Like when I pick his dirty socks up off the floor for the bazillionth time.)

He's there to sharpen me and vice versa. I think this happens so much just because we are so different!

Jennifer said...

Oh Girl. You are talking my language today. That has been one of the biggest things I have had to learn and live by since getting pregnant. I need to let my man be himself and do things his way. After all he is not me thanks for the reminder.

annie said...

Thank you, I'm glad you came by and had a laugh :o).
TTT is time travel tuesday (a meme I started last week). The first week was 12 years and this week was sweet 16. You just tell about yourself at that time of life and maybe what was popular then. I had thought it would be fun to not only do ages but other milestones in life so I'm open to suggestions.