Friday, May 11, 2007

Not spending

I've been reading Bye Bye Buy a lot lately and she is not only HILARIOUS...but really good at saving her money. I am truly impressed. I am about to attempt her idea on a MUCH smaller scale...even smaller than Musings of a Housewife did from January to March. I am going to attempt to purchase only laundry/cleaning items and food for 2 (that's two) months. That is from May 12, 2007 to July 12, 2007. I am not sure I can do this for the entire two months due to some firework tent issues but I am going to do the best I can. Maybe I should make it a much less lofty goal of one month so I don't beat myself up over the whole fireworks tent thing?? Then again, we might not even get a fireworks tent this year so who am I kidding? I can do this. WOW, writing this out loud makes it seem much longer than it probably would had I said I am going to have sextuplets in two months? Then I would be huge and no, that wouldn't work either, that would drag as well...ok, someone help, what is a good example.

Let me lay out my plan:

1. Stay home more. I can accomplish many a goal by staying at my house. It is amazing how quickly a house can be cleaned when you are actually at the house to clean it.

2. AVOID YARD SALES. This may be a form of Chinese water torture to me but I can do it.

3. Goodwill is not allowed to be visited. There will be no "I've just got to get ______" for the two months...sad days.

4. I believe this will have an impact on a multitude of relationships in my life...with God, Husband, Children, Friends...SELF!!

Ok..4 goals. Those are not too hard. All Right, so they are really hard for me, but I can do it!!!!


June Cutoff Cash said...

Hey, good for you, jtcosby!! You can do it, and you will be amazed before you are halfway through at what you've saved!

Marvin Gardens said...

Good luck! It isn't so bad once you get used to it. Though eBay wonders where I have been all year...

Victoria said...

Hey Tam - How is this going? WOW!! Let me know? It sounds scary...LOL