Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Thank you for finally saying something truthful!

Public, media overreacted on Scales 'prank'

To the editor,

If you were looking for truth, please see the school's Web site, through murfreesborocityschools.net, where a complete and truthful press release is on the Scales Web site.

After reading your article and skimming through your "responding posts" to the drama now unfolding at Scales, I was more than shaking my head at some of the responses that your hot-headed readers said and your classless paper that shared them. Shame to those barking and demanding that heads must roll, jobs taken away and charges of terrorism be brought up!

The name of the game is sensationalism. "If it bleeds, it leads." The press release can easily dispel any of the rumors without the "I'm-gonna-go-picket-outside-the-school-on-Monday" overreactions.

What was a pretty good idea as a real-life learning experience (code red) has been horribly, maliciously and cantankerously misconstrued for the real-life "ratings" of most major television stations, newspapers, and yes, those women and men we know who must put their two cents in and clearly create a commotion where there was once little if any. The words "overreacting, overreaching, boredom, and just plain putrid and pathetic journalism" can't fully cover it all.

The faculty and staff of Scales Elementary are, without a doubt, some of the finest men and women in our area. I know each of them and I am proud that all of my three children attend. All of these men and women have bent over backward to help my children and yes, your children time and time again. They serve selflessly and joyfully.

Are any one of them perfect among us? No. Could this event been handled differently? Yes. And I am sure they will in the future. I would like to see those with such hateful comments regarding these educators be held to the same standards that you seem to so easily create for them.

Yes, these educators sculpt and model a child into adulthood and we, as parents, hope they do so with education and well-taught lessons. However, to those of you who are quick to have a scathing opinion without much, if any, personal research, I say this: Just what do you think your child learns from you while you rant, judge or vastly overreact to things you know so little of?

Jenny McKee

Jake Branch Road



Anonymous said...


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Gayle said...

Yipee! What a wonderfully worded letter. It's so nice to see the truth out there and I'm sure that makes a whole lot of people fell a whole lot better.