Sunday, April 22, 2007

Our Weekend

My brother and his wife came into town, it was a lot of fun! They have two dogs, Bella (a maltese) and Luca (a yorkie). Bella is truly a princess...she is adorable, sweet, kind, loving, playful...all of the things you desire in a dog. so stinking cute you could eat him...then he opens his mouth and BARKS at EVERYTHING! He is really adorable...once he gets used to you, he loves to be rubbed and scratched and loved on...he just can't stand kids, did I mention I have four of those? He is scared of his own shadow (can't avoid that) and he just in general doesn't like new things...but he sure is sweet. I believe they are my only niece and nephew for awhile so I guess I should just sit back, relax and stop asking about human nieces and nephews.

Oldest boy scored his FIRST GOAL IN SOCCER EVER yesterday! He was so proud of himself, it was AWESOME! He played so well and loved playing! He is so athletic, it is so much fun to watch him on the soccer field! We stayed for the other game Hubby co-coaches, 6/7 year olds. They are all getting so talented! Most of the kids Hubby and Flicka's Hubby have coached for about three years, so watching them grow from cats on a soccer field with coaches chasing them ON THE FIELD to get the HERD OF CATS to move to the right position small children to agile 6/7 year olds has been so much fun! Can't wait for the rest of the season!!

That is it for my posting tonight...sleepy despite the 2 hour nap this afternoon!! Going to take advantage of the sleepiness and go to bed!!!

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