Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Wrestling with God

So I'm at the grocery store a couple of weeks ago...it is time to purchase hand soap. I sit there for a few minutes looking at the different types of soap, the fancy stuff that cost 2.86 per container or the cheaper stuff that costs .94 cents a container. I look and look and look. I wrestle with my thoughts, "why do I need the more expensive soap? It looks nicer. The container is nicer and it has about an 1/8 of an ounce more than the other one. I can handle this. I am not on that tight of a budget" All of this is going through my mind even though I know, I KNOW THIS...I am not supposed to purchase the more expensive soap. I am supposed to buy the less expensive becasue its JUST SOAP. So what did I do, you ask? Of course, I totally did the wrong thing and purchased the more expensive soap.

Fast forward about two weeks...I am officially using the more expensive soap. I hate it. It gets everywhere, it stains the sink (it's pink). It is such a pain.

Where does this leave me? I believe it leaves me thinking I need to listen more and think less. God has a plan for me. He knows what I should do and what is right for me. If I choose not to listen to Him, chances are I'm going to be annoyed with my soap...


Gayle said...

Such wisdom from a shopping trip! But so true!


the_a_team said...

I love it!!! This always happens to me. In fact I have some green soap leaking on my counter right now. I clean every morning and every night, but there's always some there when I wash my hands! Oh how it irritates me. Maybe I could just buy the cheap stuff for the container and then fill it up with the expensive stuff...no that would defeat the whole purpose of saving money! God still knows what's really in there. OK sorry I started rambling again. But really it's an awesome analogy!!