Sunday, April 29, 2007

This is fun

I love that I can finally put pictures up here without too much trouble, nice!!!

This weekend, we went to visit Jesse's Grandma at the Red Hat Ladies National Convention. She lives in Alabama so she was really excited that we came to visit her in Tennessee! :) It was an awesome awesome time! They are darling, 3000+ red hats everywhere...apparently if you wear a red outfit with a purple hat, it means your birthday is that month, how sweet to hear all the little ladies walking by saying "Happy Birthday" to Grandma's friend!!! We had a ball!!!!


Jamie said...

your girls are so cute!

Maris said...

haha Ty is looking like she is having a blast in this last picture!

Gayle said...

That looks like so much fun! I always laugh when I see the red hat ladies whooping it up. But you know what? I hope I enjoy myself as much as they do, when I'm their age.

Looks like a great time!


Natasha said...

What a lovely family :)