Friday, March 30, 2007

Amazing Hearts...

So today, we had a yard sale. All day long I have been fighting the "grumpies". I hate the grumpies, they make me grumpy...(by the way, I'm the grumpies...). So anyway, I finished with my yard sale earlier than normal because I was just tired...and Oldest Girl had to go to the orthodontist (she just received her expander today). Anyway...the point of this whole story is this...I decided to put the rest of the yard sale stuff in the front lawn with a sign that said FREE. So I leave...and get a phone call from my friend Flicka telling me she was watching some people at our house...they were looking at stuff...then they looked at our herb garden and Flicka was worried they were going to try to take something not in the "Free Sale". So she (THANK YOU have no idea how appreciated you are...) came down here to make sure they weren't taking something they shouldn't...and found out THEY WERE TRYING TO LEAVE MONEY! I couldn't believe it. I seriously think that was medicine to my soul. It wasn't the money...that wasn't it was the heart behind the money. What special people they were to leave money at a FREE YARD SALE! So if it was you...thank you. You are truly special people!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is so nice!

By the way, is it your 8 year old whom has braces? My 8 year old is going to need them but I thought we'd have to wait another year or two. Hmmmm... I'm curious now.


Anonymous said...

Oh, got it! By the age of 7? That is so interesting. I didn't know that, thanks for telling me. :-)