Friday, March 30, 2007

Apparently I am not finished "talking" yet!

Have you ever been on a jury? Watched an episode of "Law & Order"? Been curious (because I've never been on a jury) about what happens to the jury when the judge tells them to consider the words that just came from either the prosecuting attorney or defense attorney or the person on the stand to be stricken? (WHOO RUN ON SENTENCE). I was thinking about it the library. Is there ANY way to remove the words you just heard from your brain? Is there any way to take back what has been put into your mind and hypnotise yourself into believing it isn't there anymore? Hmmmmmmm...something tells me I couldn't do that. This leads me to believe if I say something to someone, chances are, it's in their head. If I yell at my kids, it's there. It isn't going away. If I say something wrong to someone, intentionally or unintentionally, it's out there. Have you ever heard the story about the nails & the fence? There is a little boy, he is not being very nice...his dad needs him to understand what he is doing...he sends the boy to a fence with a bucket of nails and a hammer. He tells the boy to hammer the nails into the fence. The boy does. Then the dad tells him to remove all of the nails he just hammered into the fence. The boy does. Here's what makes my heart hurt...The dad then walks out to the fence to meet the boy. He kneels down next to him and calmly explains how the nails represent the words of anger or frustration or whatever the boy might have said to someone. The holes are what are left...even after the boy apologizes to the person he hurts. How often do I do this? I know this is the same as the previous post...ha! I am overloaded with pms and too little sleep.

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Jen said...

In a word, Yes. It is possible to not retain information, or be unable to retrieve information. It has to do with how focused the person is at the time of the stimulus. After that, it's all about the processing, storage, and retrieval capabilities of the brain.

Can you tell I've studied too much Psychology?