Friday, March 30, 2007

The Two Second Rule

My mom taught Oldest Girl something last year...I wish I could figure out how to make it work myself. She taught her the "Two Second Rule". This rule is simple: before you speak, wait two seconds. IF what you say is still ok to say, say it. If not, you hurt someone unintentionally, you say the first thing on your mind...and you could say something you will regret. Now, an 8 year old has a little bit of a grace period when it comes to this new rule. Me...I'm 32...I don't believe I have an excuse anymore. If anything, I need to wake up and smell some time-out. It amazes me how quickly a small comment can turn into something you NEVER meant to say or NEVER meant someone else to feel. new goal for myself: "Two Second Rule". I'm going to try it...see how it works. I am generally a decent person...but with my kids...and my friends...I think I need to work a little...ok...a lot. I truly believe you can never improve yourself enough...I want to be a better person...ongoing...


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful topic! I am going to hop on board with you on this one. I would LOVE to be able to teach my 8 year old this and even though it might take more time for this 33 year old to catch on, I want to do it too. :-)


Gayle said...

O.K.!!!!! I love this rule! I have the natural gift for sarcasm which can sometimes get me in trouble so I NEED to do this! Love the idea.