Saturday, March 31, 2007

Why Questions...from Aaron

Our friend Aaron (of SPUR58) started this great topic...thought I would contribute my top 5 to my own blog...

Why was I given four beautiful children when I made the mistake I made so many years ago?

Why do I feel like a failure as a parent on a regular basis?

Why don't I read my Bible more consistently?

What does it take to feel like a Christian?

Why do I want my heart to feel like God is wrapped around it and through it and under it and over it...and yet, I feel like I don't have that heart....?


Robin said...

Those are great questions. I wish I had a good answer to any of them.

And, about the delayed notice on the moon sand. So sorry! I took those pics weeks ago, and have just sat down to blog about them. It is evil--I swear. No mother in her right mind helped with the design of that crap in a tub. =)

Judy said...

Hey - I LOVE Jim Trelease - are you looking at the Read Aloud Handbook or the NEW Read Aloud Handbook? There are at least two. :-) Anyway, the Anna book was interesting - VEEEEERY deep...definitely nothing younger than a young adult lit. Does Trelease offer any insight into it? It is just very very theological and quite a bit on the sad side!

Crystal said...

hey you--You are awesome!!!! I have been catching up reading your posts and Tam (can I call you that?!)--I just love your honesty and realness--reading your blog is sometimes like being in my head --if that made any sense--we are two peas in a pod!!!! I especilaly loved the post about the Amish --I think that all the time --how simple their lives are and how happy they are!!! I have been so tired lately and going to bed so early which is crazy because usually I only sleep 4-5 hours a night but lately I have been going to bed before 10pm--my hubby has not heard anyhting yet he hopes to hear something by Monday or Tues--he had a phone interview last week.--There are seven people being considered! I think it would be kinda exciting and such an adventure to go but I am still kinda anxious about leaving my family and friends here you know--No one in my family is saved--so I am just praying for God's will! We are still adopting --I am just slow on getting the paperwork together --Jeff told me he would help this week do it all and we have our updated homestudy on Friday!!! I am really excited about it!!!! It sounds like you guys are all doing well!!! I promsie to be a better blogger!!! Do you ever feel like there are not enough hours in the day?--I only have two kiddos and I feel like this--you are superwoman to be a great momma of four!!!!!! I love ya!!!! lots of hugs to you and your family too!!!!

Crystal said...

hey just checkin in on you!!!! I hope you are having a great Monday!!! :o)