Thursday, March 22, 2007

Little House On The Prairie

So I hadn't seen the episode where Laura stuff's her dress with apples...hilarious! I actually laughed out loud. But thats not what got me. What got me was Mrs. Ingall's response to Laura's silliness...she made the statement that God went to all the trouble to make Laura Ingalls so why should she try to be something she's not?

It made me stop in my rocking chair and think. How often do we try to be something we aren't? How often do we try to please the masses instead of doing what we KNOW is the right thing? Do we stick to our morals? Do we stick to our values? Do we do what God would want us to do? Do we KNOW what we believe?

It was really thought provoking and really good. I need to be the best ME I can be. I can do this because I believe in myself and I believe in God. I believe He made me and I believe He wants me to be myself. Wow, good thoughts from Little House on the Prairie...ha! :)

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