Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Day In The Life

It all starts rather innocently. I wake up, find out I am not going to the gym, I lay back down and I go back to sleep. I vaguely become aware the children are wanting the oldest gets the younger children breakfast and so I continue to doze. I gradually realize there are many different noises which are probably not good. So I force myself to come out of my mildly comatose state...ha! What do I find you ask...LOTS of Special K with Red Berries...LOTS AND LOTS of cereal. Ha ha! So I decide we are going to not get upset about it, it's technically my fault for being too lazy to get out of bed. So on to the next challenge...four children, dressed, hair fixed, teeth brushed and out the door at 8:30am when I woke up at 8. Ha! To this, I scoff...considering the fact that not one of the four children ended up with brushed teeth...Where are we headed at this time? HA! The orthodontist. So here I have four children with very dirty teeth going to see someone who works on teeth for a living. This is not my idea of excellent parenting. Moving on...what do we do after the ortho? We head to Oldest Girl's school to drop off the munchkin. This particular part is pretty uneventful. I love being at Oldest Girl's school. It is always happy and fun at the school. So we decide (the other three and I) to eat lunch at the school, it's easier than going home and making lunch. This is an act of congress...three YOUNG children in a cafeteria line where the cafeteria workers are on such a tight schedule they do not like to be detained for any length of time...did I mention I have twin TWO year old's and a somewhat shy 5 year old with me. So there you go...we get our food, get to a table and start to eat. Of course we spill our chocolate milk ALL over the table and we eat ONLY the the way, I paid for the meals, so I'm a little on the UGH side. So I try to encourage more food in the little bodies. Pretty unsuccessful which means I have three FULL meals left. Ha...moving on. We leave school and head home...for naps. My Oldest Boy goes "down for naps" still but pretty much does nothing but play with his toys the entire time. Which is fine with me...he is resting. The other two, that is a whole other ball game. Boy Twin will NOT go down for a nap without a HUGE fight. A HUGE fight. This is mainly because he no longer has his "plug". Frustrating but we have success at some point. This is a day in the life leading up to the big issue...Youngest Boy decides to spill milk all over my computer. My up and down arrow and right to left arrow and my enter button...out of commission. It's interesting typing with a broken computer...not fun, but definitely interesting.

Did I mention Oldest Girl had a "leprechan" make a disaster out of her classroom today? I love her teacher, he ALWAYS makes learning fun! The kids were totally freaked out, they LOVED it.


Elizabeth S said...

Jordan's teacher did the same thing! The "leprechan" left a trail of green glitter going into the classroom and then covered the teacher's desk with it! The kids were trying to figure that out all day! So fun!

Melanie said...

Came here from Jenni's blog (One Thing). Your life doesn't sound so different from mine at times!

Crystal said...

Okay I am so sorry but I am cracking up here!!! I love this--this is what I dream of!!! How sweet is all of that!!! I love it absolutely love it!!! Can I come to your house and live for a week?!!!! I love you Tamara!!! You crack me up!! I hope you had a great weekend!!! hugs to you--did I fall to mention you are the best mom on the planet?!!!!! :o)