Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Latest Book in My World

I am currently Reading Francine Rivers "The Last Sin Eater" and am somewhat mistified by the book. I am not sure why I am saying this other than I know I put this one down before because I couldn't get into it. Now I am having a love/hate relationship with it. It is not a "typical" Francine Rivers book that you can't stop reading...although, I am struggling to stop reading each time I pick it up...but it's not super easy reading. The language is old scottish or something like that...Currently I am picturing a group of mountain people in the Appalachians. Not sure if that is correct...but that is what I am picturing in my head. Apparently this is now a movie. Do you think Christians are making a move to take over the big screen? I hope so. I know I want to see the movie. But I have a STEADFAST rule...BOOK BEFORE MOVIE! It is truly imperative to me I read the book or my children read the book before they see a movie.

I am really interested in seeing where this book takes me. I believe this is a Spiritual Journey...I'm enjoying it. I really love to watch/participate in God's plan...


ginger said...

i just finished tara leigh cobble's "here's to hindsight"

you need to go to RIGHT NOW and order it. it's such a refreshing book! i loved it and couldn't put it down. (seriously. i finished it in one day... at 4:30 in the morning on tuesday!)

plus... the book is on sale right now. get it!

Anonymous said...

I've read The Last Sin-Eater; I agree it is different from her others; it has to be chewed on more; it is set in the Appalachians. If you by chance read Christy (the real book) you would have more background on that culture. It's the Irish/Scottish/Welsh -Celtic culture - druid, pre-Christian stuff layered over with Christianity -sorry this is too long - if you'll hang in there you'll see the light of true Christianity shine through the darkness of the culture of those people. Please hang in there; it ends so beautifully!

Jamie said...

i heard this is a great book.

Anonymous said...

Yes, The Last Sin Eater is a great book... and you should see the movie version. I saw it wit 15 of my friends when it was in the theaters in February. It's really faithful to the book and they toned down the Welsh accents. It's coming out on DVD May 15!

The Roberts Family said...

This has absolutely nothing to do with the book. I just wanted to tell you that I can soo relate to your blogs and I enjoy reading them. See you tomorrow at the Spur picnic!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad to have found your blog! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog about donating that book for our silent auction!!

Email me at

and I will email you back with a snail mail address!!

Thanks again, and I will be back often to read your blog!!


Natasha said...

I am a weirdo because if possible I like to see it first. I get so irritated when I read it first and they leave important stuff out of the films! lol