Monday, March 19, 2007

Why Can't I Seem to Follow Through?

I keep saying I want to read my Bible. To do a Bible Study. What is my problem? I think the answer might be in getting rid of the TV for awhile. I am not saying get rid of it forever. But turn it off. Read more. Stay off the computer more. None of this is news to me. It is the follow through I struggle with (thus the title, ha!). I know I should do this. In fact, I seriously WANT to do this. I want to be the person God wants me to be. So there you go...this is my daily struggle.

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Crystal said...

OOOOH MY GOODNESS THIS IS SO MEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE MUST BE TWINS!!!!!!!! THIS IS SO MY DAILY STRUGGLE!!!!!!!! Tamara--I just love you girl!!! You read my mind!!!! I am so so so blessed to have found you!!!!!!!!!! I will pray for both of us!!! hee hee!!! okay now to on to watch american idol!!! ha!!!! See what I mean my daily struggle I should be reading !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!