Thursday, March 22, 2007

My Sister's Hangers...

Loved this post from my is so sweet and well...thought provoking, which, as always, I love!!!

too many hangers...
Today I cleaned out my closet. Two bags and one box full of hangers I am throwing away...empty hangers. Pointless hangers.
Do you ever feel like your thoughts are hangers? you know...sitting in your brain just hanging around with no point... no reason. Just a bunch of mindless thoughts rambling around taking up endless bits of time.
I feel that way tonight. My brain is overloaded with exhaustion (which is why I am on xanga at 9:30...)and I have these thoughts swimming around my head - going nowhere. Opinions upon opinions with random pieces of reason thrown in to make me think I am analyzing concepts to reach an end. (I am not really - I just like to over analyze, philosophizing until it just fizzles out...)
Frankly I love to philosophize - wish more people just enjoyed sitting around discussing the merits of this line of reasoning verses another. But most people just end up getting really defensive and the conversation is pretty moot since it becomes an argument instead of a deep conversation.
Defensiveness appears to be a pride issue at the heart... another thing for me to work on... hangers... all of this is just another hanger. One day - I hope to take all of my hangers and give them away. And then maybe like the dry cleaners... God will give them back to me with clothes on them. You know this is the way my brain works...somehow hangers became so much more... and now I can picture God giving me a hanger with say the clothing of righteousness... or joy...or patience.... So in my head hangers are so much more than empty thoughts (or hanging objects) rambling around my head.
And when hangers and God somehow go know it is time for bed.


Crystal said...

ooh my goodness--I love you and I love your sister!!!! Can I come join your family--I bet you two have the most interesting talks!!! I love it!!!--

Hey hey!!! --I am so sorry I have not been around much this week--we have some major things going on around here--my hubby's boss recommended him for a VP position in CALIFORNIA!!! After I almost had heart failure--:o)--I said okay we can do this!!! He will be flying out there in a week and half for the interview ---He really really wants this position and I can't even tell you how happy he is--he is as giddy as a school boy!!!! It is awesome to see God work right now because for the first time in a long time --I know he is really seeking God! It is amazing!!

All of my family is here---we are all less than two hours away from each other--I am trying to be the supportive wife but can I just really tell you? --I am scared to move half away across the country!!! None of my family is saved either! I will tell you-- I was in the living room last night--the tv was on and so was the fireplace I was completely alone and I just lost it--I started crying and praying--please don't think I am crazy but this incredible peace came over me and I just kept thinking Jesus was saying "don't worry I will take care of you"-- over and over--crazy eh?--I am scared!! --our whole lives will change--I am afraid California is so secular--Jeff came to me tonight and said if he gets the position and after three years if we hate it we could move back --but he can't pass this up--I felt a little bit better!--The funny thing is-- we spent a year building our house, a year adopting and now we are adopting again --in the midst of it I loved it --the chaos-- but I was just thinking the other day--life is slowing down and getting back to normal--hee hee!!--God must have heard that--and then I started to think what an opportunity to grow in the Lord--I will have no family or friends near by and I will be leaning so heavily upon him--but I tried to tell God I will do that now without moving!!!! So we are just talking about it all --I have to tell you things are so much better with my hubby--we went thru such a rough time after our baby girl came home (he also withdrew when we had Caleb too!) and I really really prayed hard about it--I know that I tend to pour myself into these guys and I have nothing left for him at the end of the day--and then he withdraws but we have both agreed not to let that happen anymore and it has been a lot better since we had that talk!!!! okay I am chatting up a storm here all about myself and I am dying to know what kind of dog did you get --I am cracking up!!!!--I wish you lived in California!!!!!:o)--Tam--you are the best!!!--I love ya!!! Thank you for listening tonight!!! hugs hugs hugs!!!!

Natasha said...

That was really cute and very thought provoking! Thanks for sharing!