Saturday, March 10, 2007


It has been ages since I've written anything! Hubby and I got back from a trip to San Francisco on Wednesday and it has been crazy ever since! I didn't realize how much we needed that trip until just this week. We had such a great time, we ate at AMAZING restaurants, visited places you only hear about, saw beautiful sights, wow, I will have to write a post just about all of the things we did. But for this post, I want to let anyone who has not gone on a trip alone with their spouse why they need to go...

Hubby and I have NEVER been on a trip. We have been married for 10 years and the first two years, we bought a house and then had a baby...and another baby...and then two more we have always visited family with the kids or done things with the kids. This year, we decided we needed a trip alone. Now I know why. I remember why I married my husband. He has always had an awesome personality...he has always been sweet and kind and loving and caring and fun...but life happens and those things get covered up by the stress of bills, kids, house, work, So those wonderful personality traits he has can be covered by being a husband and provider. This last week, he got to be free of all of those things and we had the time of our lives. He was hilarious! I watched him chase crabs up and down a beach trying to catch them (he was successful), I watched him in AWE at Alcatraz while he heard the audio tour about the old jail. I watched him enjoy meals like he had never been fed before. It was so good for me to see him again. I think it is something we will both savor for a long time. It has been fun at home again. We have been so stressed out for so long, this was so awesome.

So Hubby of mine, thank you for being you and being the wonderful father, husband and friend you are. I love you!!!!!


victoria said...

darn dude...u had me in tears. seriously eyes watering over here.

Crystal said...

oooooh my goodness--I am tears too!!! We so need this!!! You read my heart!!! In the few times my mom has taken Caleb overnight we have reconnected in ways we could not have before!!!

I missed you!!! I am sooooo happy you guys had such a good time!!! What a huge blessing!!! I have to tell you I am so jealous--we really need to do something like that I just can't leave my baby girl yet!!! Since I last talked to you things are so much better!!! I am so sorry I was having a rough week and right after that I got sick!! --But anyway we had a long talk one night after the kids went to bed and things are so much better!!! I thought things were going so well with everyone Caleb, the baby but Jeff was not himself at all and I was getting frustrated --And I did not realize how he was feeling!!--He feels like I pour my life into them and have nothing left for him and he is right-- so I am really trying to put him first and really have some left for him!!! I am trying to be a better wife!!!:O) I had forgotten he felt like this right after Caleb was born--But things have been much much better!!! :o)--The day I e-mailed you I really was praying and having a hard time--but things are better! So girlie I am so glad you are back --I had been checking in on you!!! hugs to you!!!!!

Thank you for my sweet sweet comments!!! You do not owe me any type of e-mail --I am just so happy you and your hubby had great
time and that you are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hugs hugs hugs!!!!

Maris said...

Yayy Tamera!! I am so excited for you two. It is so much fun to have those moments with your best friend/love of your life:) What a great example of putting your marriage first above anything! You guys are a great team together and I can't wait to see what God continues to do through your marriage and your family. I am so excited that you guys had this time together.

BUSH said...

hey tamera,
i'm really glad you guys took this trip. it seems like you had a lot of fun. tell jesse to come see me at the pipe shop. i work tuesday from 10-6 and it's on the square next to city cafe.