Saturday, January 27, 2007

12:30 am Hi Tamara, this is Girl Scout Troop Leader

And Oldest daughter is throwing up.". "WHAT?" I yell, I am sure that is not the response I would have had if I had not heard this at 12:30 am when I was sleeping. UGH! So Oldest Girl is home from her Girl Scout sleepover with a vomiting least, I guess it's a bug, she hasn't vomited since and was hilarious when she got home. Of course Husband is on call this weekend so he had to go get her, in case a call came in...we are of the mindset we cannot leave the three youngest children to fend for themselves in the event of a there you go. Made a pallet on the floor in our room with a vomit bucket and a pillow (with a protective shield on it)...gave said child a bath (because she wanted me to smell her legs, they smelled like vomit...8 year old humor I guess) put said child to bed...woke up at 7:20 to youngest boy wanting in bed with us...7:30, woke hubby to get youngest girl to our bed (we have to gate them into their rooms or they would be with us at 1am...which converts to NO sleep for us. Anyway...8:30 rolls around and I guess the kids thought food was of some importance because they made me get up to feed them. What are they thinking, why aren't they self-sufficient on a Saturday morning at ages 5, 2 and oh yeah, 2. HA! Thus leads me to the day we are going to have instead of the day we were planning. Hope the hubby doesn't mind stopping to get movies I can tolerate is officially a pajama and movie day...*sigh*

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iveyfamily said...

sorry you have sick ones BUT i do love a good movie and jammie's day!!!

Speaking of girl scout cookies.... didn't i tell T i would order some? what do i need to do?