Friday, January 19, 2007

Are there any twins out there?

Or parents of twins...either way, I am curious as to how many of you put your twins in classrooms together and how many of you put them in separate classrooms. Or if you are the twin, how was it for you? I am debating this topic because I only have 3 years to worry about it. Apparently that is not enough to make an educated decision...*sigh*


ginger said...

well, my twin and i were separated in first grade and we handled it pretty well.

but then, when i had my first set of twins, i let them stay in the same class because they were girls, emmalee and emmalou. they just couldn't bear to be apart.

14 months later, when i had my second set of twins, jack and crack, they fought a lot and so i put them in separate classes.

this third set of twins is going to be a bit of an experiment. can't decide what to name these peanuts... thelma and louise or lavergne and shirley...

what do you think?

ginger said...

well, my twin and i were put in seperate classes starting in 2nd grade and we handled it pretty well...

when i had my first set of twins, i put them in the same class. i mean seriously, emmalee and emmalou just couldn't bear to be apart.

the second set, jack and crack, (born 10 months later) fought all the time and so i put them in seperate classes. it seems to be working for them so far.

this third set of twins is going to be my new experiment... i can't quite decide on what to name these peanuts. thelma and louise or lavergne and shirley...

what do you think?


miss you!

victoria said...

hey - will you pray for me? I am really struggling to love this girl...but lately I have allowed her rudeness affect my attitude...and it has become BAD!! I shut down...get cranky and ruin the rest of the house church evening :-( very disatisfied with my own attitude... and praying about how to (or whether or not to) approach her about it...arrhhh!!!oh..and please don't reply back with much reference on my xanga...

Especially Heather said...

Hey You ;)

You really should go to and talk to Janice and Susan- they are twins and are absolutely wonderful people!

Thank you for your prayers for Emma Grace this last week- your kindness will never be forgotten, you blessed me deeply.


ginger said...

no, i am totally not a twin. only kidding.

nor would i ever name my kids jack and crack... fyi.

love you!

Jen said...

As a teacher, I'm going to give you my general opinion on this. Take what you want and leave the rest, just don't hate me.

If your twins are attached at the hip, I believe it's better to seperate them for the first year of school--that way they can grow and develop their independence.

However, if your twins aren't attached at the hip, then there probably won't be a problem putting them in the same classroom because they won't run to each other every time they're unhappy.

That being said, I can understand how it would be hard to seperate twins that are attached at the hip. But I have seen it done both ways and by far the twins who are seperated for the first year of school develop their independence and social skills much quicker than twins that are always kept together.

Now, I do not have twins nor am I a twin, but that's just my 2 cents as an educator. Best of luck!

Tara said...

Hi, I am a mom of 3 year old identical twin boys. This is their first year in preschool (4 days a week from 9-1), and they are in the same class. I have actually had a number of conversations with the director of our preschool program about what to do next year. It seems that maybe Jen's advice is good. My boys love each other and get along great, but they are definitely not joined at the hip. One is more social and the other likes to do his own thing (just like mom and dad!!) And, there is a teacher for the class level they would be in next year who taught my daughter, and we absolutely love her. I've told the director that it is my preference that they both be in the same class, especially if they can both have her. Furthermore, (and this may sound selfish) it truly does make my life just a little bit easier at this stage to have them in the same class so that the "schedule" is the same for both of them (i.e. special days like pajama day, or show and tell, or whatever...), and thus just helps in a small way to keep mom and dad a little more sane and organized.

However, since I've already pretty much hijacked your blog for the day, let me ramble on to tell you that I know a set of twin girls who go to kindergarten with my daughter. Last year they were in the same class, but this year their parents decided to separate them. According to their mom, at the end of PreK, they had noticed the girls really starting to compare themselves to each other in terms of academic acheivement--apparently one was reading and writing better than the other. They felt (and I would agree) that this was reason enough to separate them. I think they are pleased with their decision so far.

I know eventually we will separate our boys, if only for the fact that they won't have to be asked 10 times a day, "Which one are you?" I know that is going to get SO old at some point, and I won't blame them one bit. Don't know if this helps at all..just one mom's observations!