Friday, January 12, 2007

Nintendo Brain Age

So normally I would not participate in anything to do with video games, because I think children play too many (ok...mine do have leapsters...but they are LEARNING). Then I started seeing commercials for the Brain Age games for Nintendo DS. I was totally convinced I needed one...then I figured out how much they were and decided our family budget had to be spent elsewhere...such as the four children, the upstairs that isn't finished as well as, oh yeah, food for them too, ha! I think I would benefit greatly from a Nintendo DS, especially a pink one, because I love learning...and I am tired of not remembering's the things, when you have a child, it starts to be a little scary when you can't remember think you are going insane but then you have the second child and realize you don't remember very much at all...then all of the sudden you find yourself pregnant with your third child...which turns out to be twins and you FREAK because you know you are not going to have any brain cells left at all and if someone calls your house and tells you they are stopping by in 30 minutes, and you actually remember this conversation...then thirty minutes later, the doorbell rings and you look at your four beautiful children and TRULY not knowing, ask "Who could possibly be at our door right now?". This is truly what happens when you have four I think I would benefit greatly from a Pink Nintendo DS because as a cool mom, you have to be intelligent and intelligence is directly linked to increased brain power...thus the Nintendo DS Pink BRAIN AGE would be the perfect check out this site and see if you agree!!


Crystal said...

I love the PINK nintendo!!! Twins?--DO you have twins??!!!! How awesome is that!!!! What a blessing!!!!!!!! You have my dream I have always wanted four children!!!! I bet you are having the time of your life with those little blessings!!!! hugs!!!!

gayle said...

All cool mom's need the most modern technology right?

So, I believe it's in you and your childrens best interest to further your coolness and get that durn thing.

Good luck,