Sunday, January 28, 2007

Can I be a good Mom?

I was reading a great post from The Mother Load...and officially wonder what is wrong with me. Or rather, what has been wrong in the past. I am not sure if I got this from my parents or whom but I have a problem. Instead of assuming the best about my kids and making the call to punish after, I punish first, then ask questions later. "Oh, johnboy was the one that pushed you first, you were simply defending yourself and that is why you held up your arms?" "You really were talking nicely to her, she was not upset with you, what was she upset about? Oh, she tripped and fell?" What is wrong with me? I need to remember what amazing children I have. Tonight for example: The twins have been giving me a run for my money and clothing and all of our worldly possessions and even some of the neighbors...(yes, it is that bad) going to I was frustrated already with them...when older two children call me into their room (someday they won't share anymore...*SIGH*) and I hear myself say "WHAT?" in my best 'I'm a lot irritated you are still awake voice' and go in there...only to hear the most precious sound come out of their mouths..."mommy, could we say our prayers with you?". OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! So needless to say I left thinking about the blog I had just read and the thoughts I had been having. I have another thing to work on. I am going to make a point to make sure my babies know how special I believe them to be. God, Husband, Children...I am so blessed...wake up Tam, smell the sweet baby smell...smell it, love it...raise it...with a heart for God...seriously.


Crystal said...

HI--hey I am trying to catch up here!!! Thank you so much for you sweet sweet sweet comments on my blog!!! I still cannot believe she is really mine and here!!!! I have really missed blog!!! Do you really write for the New York Times and we just don't know it?!!!:o)--You are such a great writer and I can so relate to you!!! I still am in awe you have twins --how amazing!!!! God is awesome isn't he!!!! our lord and savior Jesus Christ is amazing just amazing and full of Grace!!!!! I am so sorry I am ajust a little cheezy right now!!!! hugs!!!

iveyfamily said...

Hey girly! Well I wish we could all say we don't ever have these moments, but unfortunately we all do thanks to the lovely thing called sin! Cayden is having a hard time at night going to sleep lately and calls us in about 4-5 times before he falls asleep. Usually to pull up his blankets, or fix them on the bed or something rather unusual. One night he called me in for about the 5th time and I, like you, open the door in frustration and he says in the cutest little 3 year old voice, Mommy, I Love you. My frustration flew out the window and I cherished the moment of him needing to tell me one last time before he drifted into la-la-land that he loved hismommy!

Check out my blog to see my new book I'm reading. It is about disciplining your children. I LOVE it. It talks about dealing with the heart and not just the action. Our actions are an overflow of our heart.

Love you girl.

Aimee said...

Way more than "a day late and a dollar short," but better late than never, I hope :) Thanks for your comments over at my post; I know we all have those rough days and I truly felt much better and more committed to motherhood after I wrote about my shortcomings. I've gotten nothing but support, so I know that moms out there have my back!
Thanks, and visit often!