Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday Recipe

Apparently I am not qualified to use a computer...but I am trying to make this work so I am doing a Works For Me Wednesday from one of my favorite blogsites...so I have linked to her and hope you all enjoy! :) I have a healthy recipe to add to the healthy recipe crew...

brown cut up steak in oil
add 2 cans of beef consumme
2tbsp of soy sauce
2/3 cup red wine
1 tbsp of onion powder
1 tbsp of garlic

cook on low heat 1 1/2 hours
then mix 1/4 cup of warm water with 2 TBsps of corn starch and add to
tips to thicken

Ok...I am not altogether sure you could consider this totally healthy, it is red meat...however, it is excellent and when you use brown rice, it is healthier than when you use white rice.

This recipe comes from a friend of mine, she is a photographer and a great one at that! Email me if you would like the link.

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