Thursday, December 7, 2006

Did I mention?

I fell asleep for a few minutes this morning on the couch...and BOY BABY managed to find a sharpie and draw all over eldest child's BIBLE! So it could have gone either way, she could have been angry he had access to a sharpie...or she could realize she left her BIBLE out where a baby could get ahold of it...she handled herself well and has plans to purchase her own replacement Bible when she saves enough money. GOOD JOB KIDDO!!! I was really proud of her! Not so much with myself...WHAT WAS A SHARPIE DOING ACCESSABLE TO A TWO YEAR OLD!?????

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iveyfamily said...

Well we left the boys one night with a baby sitter and we came home to her telling us that while she was fixing a bottle for D, Cayden drew all over the couch cushion with a sharpie. what? not her fault, but ours for leaving a sharpie out for a two year old! kids these days .... luckily we can turn the cushion over, but if something happens to the other side, we're screwed.