Saturday, December 16, 2006

So I have a direct link to Santa...

And I managed to "email" him to come to our house tonight...BOY are we nuts? I am not sure what we were thinking other than our two older children are going to their grandparents tomorrow and we aren't going to have access to them until next Friday when we pick them up to go to their other grandparents...Wow...lots of travel and no way can santa bring all of his toys to those there you go.

I'm looking at their gifts and thinking...yeah, we went a little overboard, not completely overboard, some of the things were REALLY thought out...we got them MOON encourage exercise...SLIP SHOES to encourage exercise...a POGOSTICK that all of them should eventually be able to encourage exercise. There were ulterior motives for the majority of the things they are getting....the train set, encourages imaginative most of it is totally unnecessary...TRULY unnecessary...but it is fun. We didn't OVER SPEND on all but a couple of things...and there was no avoiding the price of a couple of things...I'm pathetic...that is what it boils down to. I am truly pathetic. I don't remember a Christmas we didn't get a gazillion presents. I really don't. My mom says there were years we had really lean Christmas's..I can't tell you when, I always felt like I got a TON of year...I want to do some things differently, that is for sure...I am thinking a lot on this subject. Not sure what the outcome is...but God is working on me...I can feel it.

Ok...going to put together a crazy zoo for our oldest son...see you in about 4 hours...these things take FOREVER!

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