Thursday, December 7, 2006

Scholastic Warehouse...WHOOO HOOO!

So I have been told for about a year and a half I needed to go to the Scholastic Warehouse sale...I have thought about going...planned on going...forgotten to go...about 4 times...typical, I generally forget someone is planning on coming to my house within about 30 seconds of the phone conversation. Anyway, I finally decided today was the day. I was GOING to this scholastic warehouse sale. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! That was seriously amazing! They had the same books you see at scholastic book fairs and MORE and they are 50% off the price at the book fair! HA!

So Jesse is debating whether or not to quit working at Russell and just work for Pack's towing. He LOVES towing and Scotty Pack is one amazing human really, it's just a matter of adjusting to the idea of TOTALLY WEIRD hours...and adjusting to the TRULY commission based job. However, we both think it will work itself out. We've been praying about it and we are confident God will show us what we are supposed to do. We are both SURE He doesn't want Jesse working two jobs for much longer...we are mainly wanting to get through Christmas because he has a week paid vacation coming up and we don't want to lose that! So if you're reading this, please pray for us to make the decision God wants for us...not that we want for ourselves...we sure don't know what we are doing!

I'm going to talk to Jesse for a few minutes...he's actually home! :)

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iveyfamily said...

I know it is hard knowing what God wants you to do and I pray that he shows you something so clearly!