Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Had the best time!

Went to Opry Mills today with my friend Jamie. She is so neat! She has adopted a child and I am so thoroughly interested in the entire spectrum of was really interesting to talk to her today about it. She mentioned that a lot of adoptive parents don't want to be asked questions about the adoption...but her and her husband WANT the questions. It gives them the opportunity to educate people on adoption. WHAT A GREAT ATTITUDE/CHARACTER TRAIT! They are both so neat. Today, I think I drove her crazy with questions...but I am learning new things by asking, that is for sure!

I hope I always treat people with respect when talking to them about their children. I love, love, love adoption. Both the birth parents and the adoptive parents OBVIOUSLY love their child. They are giving the child life...and the opportunity to be raised in a home that will afford them parents who are ready to raise a child...for whatever reason a birth parent chooses adoption, all I have to say is I know people who have made different decisions...the people I know, regret their decisions...forever.

On a not so heavy note...we went to a Christmas program tonight. It was GREAT! We could hear our friend singing even in the large group of people...very talented crew!

Ok...guess I should try to go to sleep...I'm wired!!!!

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