Monday, December 18, 2006

Two Down Two to Go

So the baby of the family has strep throat. This is what I get for assuming our family was immune to this yuck! We have NEVER dealt with it before, Jesse and I have NEVER had it and neither had Tyler. Now we have two down with it. Thankfully, the shot works within 24 hours and we can officially run our errands tomorrow evening. UGH! I still think we won't go to Church tomorrow night, not sure it's worth the risk of #1 infecting someone else on the off chance another child is contagious and #2 catching something else from someone at Church...I do however, need to take my secret sister gift to the Church...guess Jesse can do that? UGH! It has been a rough week. I dont' know how my friend down the street has dealt with this for so long...her crew was sick for a LONG week!!!!


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