Monday, December 11, 2006

Kids are ready for finals to be over

So I am sure most students are ready for finals to be over, I know I am. But I was thinking today my kids sure can't wait either. First I lock myself in our bedroom last night to finish papers that should have been finished months ago and then today I tell eldest boy I can't let him play in the family room during "nap" time because Mommy hasn't finished her other project that is due tonight and still hasn't been finished. GOOD EXAMPLE MOM!! Ha!

I was reading a friend of mine's blog and she was talking about Christmas spirit and now I am properly admonished...I went to Linen's N Things today and was there at 9am...that is the time they open...instead of calmly waiting until they opened their door, I managed to pitch a mini temper tantrum and decide when the woman DID open the door, I wasnt' going to be nice to I did smile at her and was kind of nice...but I wasn't nice in my heart...TALK ABOUT CRUDDY CHRISTMAS SPIRIT. I would like to use the excuse I had my three smallest children with me (one of which was REALLY grumpy) but how can someone see my Christlike spirit if I don't have one? Why would ANYONE want to be a Christian if this is the way they act?

We have decided to change the way we are doing our Sunday night worship. Normally we go to the Church building and enjoy worship with other Christians at Church...but the more we think about things and pray about things and FINALLY discuss things together, we are figuring out, the Church is not a's the people. SO our decision has come with LOTS of talking, which is so great for us...and we have decided Sunday evenings are going to be family worship time. We will do a family worship, class for all 6 of us, where there is a lesson and everything at 4pm...then after the kids go to bed, a couple of our friends are going to come over and we are going to do a grown-up Bible study. I am so totally looking forward to this. It has been long in coming, we have needed to do something as a family as well as a couple. It was all prompted by one of the guys from Church asking us to lead a small group at our home or wherever. We talked about it and this is what we came up with instead. We decided we needed to make sure our family was growing as Christians...our children walking with the Lord and not worry about what everyone else is doing right now. We are NOT going to forsake the Church, we love our Church, they are amazing. We are being fed and loved...BIBLICALLY which is so fun! And we want that to continue and for our children to figure out we are the first place they should be able to go when they have a Biblical question. That is going to take some serious work on our part. But I do believe we are up for the challenge. We both LOVE we are learning how to make it show for our children.

Tomorrow is BIOLOGY final...BLAH BLAH BLAH! I can't stand Biology. Pray for me.

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the_a_team said...

At the church I attend we do something similar to this. On Wednesday nights we meet at someone's house, we have worship time then we do a bible lesson. The kids get to play outside during the summer and during the winter we either have a bible lesson for them or they watch a movie! We also have a meal before we start to worship. It's just the best, a small group of people who all LOVE the Lord. We're able to get to know each other and still have a bible lesson.