Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Hangin Out

Not much going on in the Cosby home...the boy baby has croup and that makes me nervous for tonight, it's always worse during the night. The girl baby is potty training so well...she is so adorable...potty mommy, potty mommy!! The other day, she had a yucky accident in her pants and so I told her we didn't do that in our pants...she looked at me like she was 17 years old and said "OKAY". It was unbelievable! I was like, are two!

Let's see, what else is going on...The eldest and I went to Nashville Children's Theatre and saw "SCHOOLHOUSE ROCKS". It was so awesome, I was so impressed! I would really like to take the other children back but not sure if the babies could handle it.

Taught my first official Faith Boulevard tonight at Church. It was so interesting to hear how 4th graders feel about serving other was truly a little sad...they look at serving someone else as a horrible thing. I can't believe this but I was shocked. So I think by the end of this, they might actually understand why we need to serve others. It was neat to watch them look up service in the Bible Concordance and look up the Bible verses. I do believe I am going to gain more out of this class than the children...

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