Tuesday, December 12, 2006

On my mind

Recently some friends of ours from our old church lost their son...he was also the spouse of a beautiful woman and father to their 6 month old child...it made me start to think A LOT...and sadly enough, now I am sitting here watching the last season of Alias and Vaughn just died...my heart hurts.

I don't mean to be morbid. I really don't but I cannot, absolutely CANNOT imagine living my life without my spouse...He drives me crazy, he really does. He is frustrating...sometimes annoying... But to live my daily life, wake up without him, not talk to him fourteen times throughout the day, not see his dirty clothes lying all over the bedroom...go to bed without him needing the bed to be fixed perfectly...I can't imagine...I have no idea what this woman is going through...I do know I don't ever want to know. I do know that even thinking about it is so hard. I know God has a will for my life. I know this...logically...sometimes even emotionally. I hope I continue to pray for this family. I hope I never forget they need our love and support. I hope they feel God's precious love for them...and I hope I learn to grow with God daily so I can be as strong and faithful as she has been through her loss.

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the_a_team said...

It's so scary how fast everything can change! I'm not married but I can't even imagine how hard that would be to deal with something like this. I'll pray for this family!!!