Tuesday, December 12, 2006

It's been a long time

Since I would accept a C in a class...but for this BIOLOGY class...I would be UNBELIEVABLY THRILLED!! A C would mean I did better than I expected. It is totally my fault...I did not dedicate enough time to this class...so a C would be a dream. Now if I don't get an A in my other class, I will be forever saddened. I REALLY will miss my professor in that class, he is so thought provoking and so interested in our becoming TRUE teachers instead of people that stand in front of a class.

My desire to be a teacher has not diminshed at all...in fact, it grows daily. I am learning so much in my education classes, I am learning how to teach my own children more productively. How to encourage them and not knock them down. Things at home have been been MUCH better this semester. It's strange. Good...strange...but strange nonetheless.

Ok...going to watch House, I love this show, love it!!!

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