Saturday, December 16, 2006

Sick Baby...

So the oldest boy is sick. He is so different when he is sick. He doesn't play, doesn't run around...cries at the drop of a is terribly sad!! So I gave him tylenol and all was well for about 4 hours...then all the sudden, he's back to being so sad. I rarely am a sympathetic mom (a HUGE fault of mine) and tonight, I hope I was able to share with him that it's ok to be sick...not like it's my favorite thing or anything but I want him to know it's ok...he's not frustrating me or anything like that...does that make sense?

Jesse's parents came today and put my Christmas present on the wall. It turned out great! If I could figure out how in the world to put pictures on this blog, I would show you! Since I can't figure it out, let me tell is 5 - 14" squares connected and painted black. Then I got to put my beautiful plates in them. It's so awesome on the freshly painted red wall! :) I am so blessed!!!!

Jesse is out working right now...we haven't seen much of him least he got to see the kids this morning. They would have been a little frustrated if I had told them they had to stay in the back of the house the entire day! :) HA!

Ok...I am so tired...think I may try to go to sleep.

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