Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My dear sweet loving and oh so determined 5 year old

So I was talking to a friend of mine tonight and decided I would tell her about our oldest son and his Christmas request. Quite hilarious...So oldest son decides he wants a guitar for Christmas. I tell him its a great idea to ask santa for one. BTW, he calls them a katar. So Oldest Son asks for a "katar". I'm thinking, that is awesome...he's going to get a "katar" if I have to search high and low for one...but NO, they are EVERYWHERE! So we are at Target one day shopping for other people for Christmas and I see a guitar on the shelf, I'm like "hey little man, what do you think of that guitar? Isn't it cool?" His response "yeah, it's ok...but I want a blue katar". A blue katar. A blue katar...what is he thinking? I'm like, "what if santa can't find a blue guitar" His reponse, "Then just tell santa not to get one and you can get me one for my birthday". So I'm like great, what am I going to do now...he wants a blue "katar". UGH! So get this...we are at a mall recently and I see a BLUE GUITAR! I am so excited, I tell oldest boy we are going to go into this store and get an ornament...great we go into the store and oldest boy starts looking at the blue guitars...I go to the counter and apparently at this store, you order from the counter, it was great...I purchase the "BLUE KATAR" and we are leaving...Me to oldest boy, "what did you think of those guitarts?" Oldest boy..."they are ok but they are too small. I don't want a small one. And I want one with fire on it..." FIRE on it...great, now i not only have a too small BLUE KATAR but it doesn't have fire on it. GREAT GREAT GREAT! SO...I call my handy dandy friend who is an artist and she agrees to paint flames on the guitar I've I figure, even if it's too small, at least oldest boy will have a blue guitar with flames on it...WHAT CHILD KNOWS THIS MUCH ABOUT GUITARS...THIS IS INSANE!!! So anyway, santa came early this year due to oldest daughter going out of town this last week to her grandparents...and oldest boy got his Blue Katar with Flames...he is THRILLED! I am so excited and he is so happy...PHEW...thank goodness it was ok, ha ha ha!!


Jen said...

At least it's not Bratz dolls! C told her dad she wanted a Bratz doll for Christmas, he asked her what kind, 45 minutes later she finished telling him every single detail about the ONE Bratz doll she wants. If I could only channel that mind of hers into something else, like building a robot to do the cleaning.

the_a_team said...

I'm so with you!!! It's crazy how kids can describe excatly what the doll or whatever looks like or exactly where it is located in the store, but they can't remember where they took their shoes off or that they were suppose to be cleaning their room not making a bigger mess!!! Gotta love em!!!!

I'm really glad your son like his present from Santa!!! That's so awesome you have an artist as a friend! Hope you have a Blessed Christmas!