Monday, February 12, 2007

Has Anyone Read

The Scarlet Letter? I have never been "forced" to read it, so I decided I would attempt it now. I think I am understanding about 1/4 of what I am reading. I think that might be enough to get the jist of the story! :) Wow is it hard to read! I am also watching Jesus Camp. What a strange documentary! I had no idea things like this really existed...I'm not sure if I were just oblivious or just not wanting to know it was out there...I think a part of me knew it existed. I really don't know how to feel about this movie. It has good points, no abortion, abstinence, etc. I just don't know how I feel about the way they are providing the information to our children! WOW!


iveyfamily said...

Yes read the book in high school and loved it.

Yes saw the movie and .... wow ..... not sure how I feel about it. Weird, disturbing, emotional - those are a few words that come to mind. I agree with what they said, but most of their actions I don't agree with. It seemed a bit manipulative to me.

the_a_team said...

I read the book in high school. I really liked it. There a movie based on the book with Demi Moore in it I believe. It was good too.

I've never heard of Jesus Camp. I'm going to check into that though. You've got me interested now!

ginger said...

loved the scarlet letter... check out this website for explanations/summaries of the story. it might help you understand it all a little better!

SeaBird said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Along with a few of the other posters here, I read The Scarlet Letter in high school - thought it was a bit slow, but not bad. I've heard of the Jesus Camp movie...hmm, may have to watch it now!