Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"Shepherding a Child's Heart"...Thoughts?

I know a friend of mine is reading "Shepherding a Child's Heart" and she seems to really like it. I have read a little of it and so far REALLY like it. I just went to Amazon to see about an audiobook and read some reviews, WOW there are some serious opinions about this book out there. Have any of my blogging friends read "Shepherding a Child's Heart" and if so, what did you think? THANK YOU! :)


Crystal said...

You know what I had heard about this a couple of years ago--okay now you have inspired me I need a good read --I am going to look this up --I will get back to you!!--

oh hey thank you for that link absolutely what I was looking for!!!! Thank you so so so so much!!! You are such a blessing from above --how did I get so blessed!!!!! hugs and prayers!!!

iveyfamily said...

well, I am enjoying it. SO far I'm a little over half way through and it is finally about to tell me what to do. That is really all i want - TELL ME HOW TO DO IT!

It is good, and like any parenting book - I take some and leave some!

I'm anxious to hear what others say as well.

Elizabeth S said...

I think Amazon puts only the best and worst comments on their site. When I was looking at the book Creative Correction, there were some commenters that HATED the book and couldn't believe anyone would want to buy it. But I have enjoyed it. Take some, leave some.