Thursday, February 1, 2007

The Snow Day in TN

So we had a snow day in TN now. Ha! What a complete joke...not the kind of joke I like, considering I'm from Iowa and LOVE a good snowstorm! I love to get out in the snow and play with it, I want my kids to be able to make a snowman that doesn't consist of dirt and grass...*sigh*. That being said, the kids didn't even get to make a snowman, but they did have a good day, daddy got to play at home for a little while, built a fire, the kids loved it...I love having him home.

I am not very eloquent tonight. I had a great night, went to a "Frozen Feeders" meeting tonight and came home with 7 gallons of various soups for our family! I am so excited to see what the kids think! :) I think they are going to love the soups I picked.

Ok...sleepy...not making any sense...nothing exciting to report even though have a million thoughts in my head...important thoughts...they are just too hard to get out of my head.

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the_a_team said...

What exactly is "Frozen Feeders"? My kids and I don't really know what it's like to have snow. We have some right now but if you try to pick it up, there's more dirt and grass than snow in your snowball.