Friday, February 9, 2007

The Story of Ruby Bridges

So I just finished watching "The Story of Ruby Bridges". We let the kids watch it...a part of me is fine with this, the older two asked all the right questions to bring us into a great conversation, the youngest two, just played and played...but then a part of me hurts for letting them see those things. Nothing that happened in the movie was what I would call PG-13...but I'm a little disappointed in myself for allowing them to see it. Ok...self-loathing over...on to next part of this.

I cannot believe this is how our country views life. I know we are supposed to be so "equal". I know we are trying, at least some of us are...I know this. I also know people are being treated with major predjudice every way you turn. It doesn't matter if it's the whites against the blacks or the blacks against the whites, or the hispanic against the asians...there are so many races in this country...we are supposed to be a place of freedom...a place to come and be welcomed..."PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS" (spelling error on purpose). We are supposed to be filled with Christians. We are supposed to love our neighbor as ourselves...the Bible teaches forgivness...not 7 times but 70 times 7...that's a lot of times...are we truly that nation? I seriously don't believe we are. I see it everywhere...not so much as people being evil or downright mean, I mean, I see things like that...they just aren't completely what I am talking about...I get so stressed out about kids who are obviously not getting bathed correctly, not getting read to, not getting the encouragement they need at home. I know this is not exclusive to happens across the just all boils down to what we are supposed to be and what we really are.

Now, how do we fix this? If everyone would just be RESPONSIBLE for their own little part of the world, it would be a dramatic difference. It's not that difficult and yet it hasn't happened...why? I think it sounds so easy. I think it sounds like a true Christian attitude. I don't understand why it can't happen. So my prayer tonight is that we evaluate how we are behaving...not just with our own children and husbands (but please include them...) and ask ourselves...are we loving our neighbors as ourselves? Are we really loving them?

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