Saturday, February 10, 2007

Perception of a Five Year Old

Let me set the stage...I am trying to explain to five year old boy that his Nana would have been a part of the desegregation in 1960...

Mom "Your Nana was just like her during this time (speaking of Ruby Bridges, as Nana is about the same age)"
Son: "You mean she used to be black?"

How precious. He so wanted to understand...

Both Older Children were horrified at the way people treated Ruby Bridges and her family. They didn't understand (nor do I) how people could be so cruel. Ended up being a really great conversation...I believe they learned something from the movie. Let's see if they can correlate being kind to perfect strangers and being kind to each other...*sigh*

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Crystal said...

I had heard about Ruby Bridges on Oprah--you are such a good mom trying to educate your children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hugs!!!!

ps--I am so sorry about a million comments from me --I am just trying to catch up!!!!