Friday, February 16, 2007

Tonight is the night

I feel like a not so great mom. I am so ready for my kids to go to bed. Youngest girl, sick first, Hubby, surgery, youngest boy, latest one sick...fever of 102.4. GREAT! UGH! I am grumpy and knowing I need to pray constantly, which is helping the grumpiness (can you imagine what I would be like without it?). I know this too shall pass. I know this is normal, and I also know people who are going through a heck of a lot worse than I am. I guess I am just complaining, getting it out of my system so tomorrow we can start fresh and I can be GOOD MOM again! :) I know I shouldn't even be on the computer when they are awake. I do REALLY well for awhile and then I suddenly am not so good at it...then I get better...then not so get the drift. I hope my children know how important they are to me. I just am tired right now. You know how hubby's are when they are not feeling up to par...picture having to have one home 24/7 NOT OF HIS OWN FREE WILL...for two whole weeks...UGH! I know this could be looked at as a special time of family togetherness...hopefully at some point, he will feel better and I can discuss this family togetherness with him...right now, that would be just a log on a fire of irritation. He is getting irritated at me, at the kids, at the house, at life in you see a pattern here? Are we pathetic, not normally. Normally things go pretty smoothly...but we also have a routine in the house while hubby is at work...and when he is home, he doesn't seem to like our routine as we do that is a bit of a stretch for me as well as the kids, they aren't used to having to be PERFECT at lunchtime, that is normally pretty casual at our house...oh well...again, I know this too shall pass. I know God has a plan for this time. I am thoroughly excited, hubby is reading a book right now, the one I am going to read when he is finished or maybe while he is reading it, not sure yet "Shepherding a Child's Heart". He is really into it and I am excited he has picked up a book, ON HIS OWN, and is reading it! I will gladly let him have as many bathroom breaks as he needs to finish it!!! Ok...going to lay like a vegetable in front of the television and do mindless things on the computer to occupy my normally exciting mind with nothingness! :)

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Crystal said...

ok--seriously I needed this tonight--I can't elaborate here--but I so relate about hubby!!! OOOh well like you said this too shall pass--it is awesome your hubby is reading that book!!!! Maybe I will try it with mine!!!--In his defense he is a good guy just bad day!!! Thank you for being so real and not being afraid too!!! I love your blog!!! xoxoxo